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noppera-bo.jpgThe bondage artist Noppera-bo offers his skills to the rope bondage premium supplier Knotty Kink with more than twenty years of experience. The artist provides expertise in all areas of our company as well as offering special demonstrations for several photographers educational seminars.

Encouraged by the enthusiasm of those that enjoy his artistry Noppera-bo pursues the bondage arts as a professional interest through rigging services, classes, demonstrations and of course the hand conditioned ropes found in our shop. By blending Noppera-bo's Western ideas with the more traditional Eastern bondage styles like Shibari and Kinbaku we are able to create truly innovative products that still have that classic feel and look. This experience strongly reflects his extensive experience in the martial arts:

“Many years ago, I played rope games with my girlfriend and learned to do a few simple ties, but it was not until I was exposed to Japanese styles that I truly developed a passion for the bondage arts. At the time, I was extensively involved in Japanese martial arts and culture. The combination of seeing Japanese rope art and my own initial explorations ignited a spark in me that, today burns stronger than ever. Since that time, I have endeavored to learn everything I could about the rope arts, from the classic ties of John Willey to the traditional ties of Kinbaku. I have been very blessed to have the opportunity to share my passion, and it is my sincere hope that I will be able to help others discover the joys of the rope arts”.

If you would like to reach the artist Noppera-bo please use our contact form and we will pass the information to the artist. Consider the great review from That Toy Chick below:


I highly recommend Lover’s Knot Rope products from KnottyKink.com - they’re a much-loved addition to our toy bag, I feel the prices are very reasonable, and the customer service is top-notch. These are folks who care a lot about the products they’re putting out into the fetish world, and it shows.


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